Day 1/30 for the 30/30/30 Challenge

For those of you participating in the 30/30/30 challenge I talked about yesterday, today is DAY ONE!

That’s right.

You have to make sure you get in at least 30 minutes of reading and 30 minutes of listening to audio TODAY.

(If you missed my challenge you can watch it again HERE. )

It doesn’t really matter if you run a few days behind. Heck, it doesn’t matter if you run weeks behind us.. As long as you make the decision that you want to change your life. And take the proper steps towards that decision. And stick with that decision… Then you will be fine!

If you haven’t been able to find a book yet I am happy to point you in this direction –> a free PDF of Napoelon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”

This was the first book I started with myself when I did this challenge the first time. It is a mind BLOWER!

I will repost some of my video blogs from when I was talking about topics from this book starting tomorrow.


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