Day 2/3: 303030 Challenge: rerun of old blog post from book “Think and Grow Rich” Chapter 2

P.S.: Is it weird to start a document with “PS”? Either way, I just wanted to repost this one as part of the 303030 Challenge we are running right now. I started my blog doing a video per chapter of the books I was reading. This video and blog post was my VERY FIRST! I had never done videos or any form of blogging before and was nervous/excited to see how it turned out. It ended up begin the first and ONLY video made with the ugly green curtain. ūüôā

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Here is my take on “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill

Chapter 2 – Desire

I have applied this book to my life for more than 120 days now!

What I have learnt from it has not only changed my life, but the people around me as well.

This is why I have chosen to put this out there on a bigger scale so that others can have the chance to experience the same journey that I have. Remember the famous quote: “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey”.

Follow along with me for the next 60 days as I go through the transition to a richer mindset.

If you apply this information to your life I guarantee it will change you forever! Not only change you but give you the availability to make money as well. Please follow through and thank you for your time!

 Desire for Success

Having a definite goal is very important! Don’t just say I want to be extremely rich but be specific and set an exact number of how much money would make you happy.

These are a few points of focus in this chapter.

 How much money you would like to make?

¬†What are you’re willing to do for it?

 And how fast you would like it to come to you?

This desire must be consistent to put the seed in your mind

To make steps in this direction on a daily basis is very important. Everyone wants the end result but who are willing to take the daily steps necessary to accomplish their greatest desire?

This seed will grow strong roots if you are consistent.

For any true accomplishment struggle must happen!!

I have a Desire to make a better life not only for myself, but for all my loved ones and thousands of those I touch online!

Being in a single-family household was not always easy, so one of my greatest Desires is to make things better for my mother! She has worked so hard in her life raising me. I would just like to show a token of my appreciation back and send her to places she’s only dreamed about.

The six important steps in this chapter about Desire are

 (Please take these six steps seriously!!!)

1. Thinking about how much money you are trying to receive. An exact amount is necessary for strong desire to grow. 

¬†2.¬† You must show what you’re willing to give for that money “You cannot get something for nothing”.

3. A definite date of accomplishment is required. Set a deadline for yourself.

¬†4. Create a definite plan for how to gain what you desire. As soon you have it, you must start working towards it¬†immediately.¬†Don’t expect that you will have all the knowledge and materials needed to succeed right as you start. Begin on your path and it will come together as you go.¬†

 5.  Write out a clear and concise statement of the amount of money you attend to acquire, name the time limit for the acquisition, state what you want to give for the money and write out the plan to achieve it. 

 6. Read your plan out loud at least twice daily Рonce when you wake up in the morning and once before you lay down for bed. 

You must have a burning desire for this accomplishment to be successful.

Thinking of it in a positive manner will send out positive vibrations which again will only bring more positive vibrations back to you…

If you cannot picture your desire outcome then you may not ever accomplish it.

All who accomplish great riches spend a great amount of time wishing, desiring, having faith in and planning for their desired outcome!

Every seed of failure plants a seed of equal opportunity to success because the struggle you go through helps strengthen your desire.

So now I know I’m going to be successful!!

So now I know great things are coming my way!!

 And you can too in whatever you do in life.

I don’t know what your particular Desire would be – if this is just personal growth in general, if it is a passion of yours or if it just making money online.

If your Desire is to make money online and work from home

click here,

join my team and we will grow together.

Thanks for being part of my first post on “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon ¬†Hill

There will be many more to come so stay tuned!

I’ll be seeing you soon,


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