Man’s six worst enemies: the six basic fears

Happy Tuesday!

Just checking in with you on my way from Miami beach to The city that never sleeps. Yup, going to be spending the next 24 hours in Manhattan, NY!

I am traveling today so I’m going to be making some cool videos for you etc, but I don’t have much time to write you now.
However, I want you to spend a few moments reflecting with me today about Man’ six worst enemies.
What are those, you say? The six basic fears!

These are the fears that most people struggle with and which is what sets the limits for most people’s lives. This is all explained I Napoleon Hill’s book “the Law of success”(for those of you doing my 30/30/30 challenge, this is a great book to pick up. I have also made a vide blog reflecting on each chapter of this book. You can find the older posts if you look around my blog a little).

The list of fear goes like this:

The fear of poverty
The fear of criticism
The fear of death
The fear of old age
The fear of ill-health
The fear of loss of love

So why are these so bad?
Let me put it this way… The more you fear and the stronger your fear is, the less likely are you to actually do anything and take any steps in the direction you NEED to go to move forward and be successful. Fear will make you scared of taking actions that would normally benefit you and your development.. Instead of moving forward you stand still and fall off the tracks.

Work on getting over your fears!
Work on your mindset and train it to conquer these fears.
For those of you in my 30/30/30 challenge – I’m sure that you by now have felt and seen the change that is happening in your mind and in your life. It’s a great thing!

For me the change started when I myself did with the 30/30/30 challenge from my mentor’s recommendation. As a member of Empower Network and Big Idea Mastermind I also have access to loads of high quality training materials and motivational videos etc etc which has helped my personal development A LOT!

Anyways, that’s all I wanted to say… Gotta go explore the city now.

I’ll leave you with some photos of my last couple of days in South Beach, Miaaaaami!

Take care folks! Feel free to email and comment!


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