MCA Motor Club of America Is A Scam

 (By this man’s opinion)

Ethan Vanderbilt says some of the claims with MCA are “turn $40 in to 80 fast! So easy your nine-year-old can do it.”
Ethan Vanderbilt talks about the main commercial for this company MCA, where a young guy walks around in his mansion, getting out of some very expensive cars, and the advertisement by yelling Chechen.

Ethan Vanderbilt explains that MCA was purchased by a company called TVC Associates. There is not an official website for MCA. The official website is called TBC Associates.

MCA offers a $19.95 per month plan, which works out to almost $240 for about 100 miles of towing and various insurances, discounts, accidental death etc. Now the problem is it’s more than 2 times more than the leading AAA and General Motors.

So with MCA it’s $40 to start then $19.95 a month. However, my personal opinion is that MCA is not a scam, if what you are looking for is a business opportunity first but if you are looking only for the best roadside assistance then MCA may not be your first choice.

Now if you were promoting MCA – since there is no official website for MCA – a way that you can separate yourself from the masses, would be to get an Empower Network blog. Share some rescue stories, excess full insurance claims, and how MCA has changed peoples lives. By doing this on an Empower Netowrk blog you will bring more traffic to your page and product, bring people interested in your product and not just trying to push your product in as many people as possible’s faces.

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What’s up with the #Hashtags ?


If you are brand new to social media you may find yourself feeling majorly confused with the term “hashtag” and their purpose. Through Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram and now even on Facebook – you will see people posting stuff #likethis.

A hashtag is created by online users to discuss specific events and relevant issues. They are categorically arranged so that other online users can easily search for the topic and participate in the conversation, no matter where in the world they may be located.

Actually, Chris Messina(a guy considered to be a social technology expert) has been given the credit of coming up with the first hashtag on Twitter. He posted this in August 2007 and his tweet went like this:

“How do you feel about using # (pound) for groups. As in #barcamp [msg]?”

So how do you use hashtags efficiently?

hashtag big idea mastermind blogbeast

As mentioned above, hashtags are normally used to gather a statement into a category. This makes it easier for other online patrons(your target groups) to identify what your topic is and to also be able to find you through a quick hashtag search.

Say for instance on Instagram. This social platform is based on sharing photos. Every post you make is a photo. Then you can of course add on text in the description underneath. However, just a photo and some regular text won’t make your photo visible to others unless they are your followers or they know your username and search you up. To actually spread your photo and make it “viral” you have to give it some tags.

Hashtag your photos in categories you see fit for the photo, but also do a quick search to see what are popular tags. When people search for hashtag categories, your photos will pop up in the category as they are posted.

(check out these sites for popular tags: http://www.hashtags.org

I use tags a lot on my instagram profile. Some of my favorite hashtags are #bigideamastermind #anythingispossible #believeinyourself #quotestoliveby #success…

These work for me as they are all related to the topics of my photos and my business.

If you are into food, good hashtags can be: #instafood #foodporn #yummy

If you are into fitness, popular hashtags can be: #fitness #fit #health #workout

In general, some of the absolute most popular instagram hashtags are: #love #beautiful #sky #picoftheday #photooftheday #instamood

Whatever your topic is and whatever you are trying to attract, find the most popular hashtags for that category and tag it to your photo.

I used Instagram as an example because that is where I am the most present myself. I have gotten GREAT responses using various hashtags there. The principle is the same for all the social media platforms that accept hashtags. It’s not very complicated. Just play around with it and see where it takes you.

Here is an example of my #hashtag use:

instagram popular hashtags

You may suddenly find yourself completely hung up on hashtags. Overuse is definitely possible, trust me I have had a tendency to go a little overboard with my hashtags as I was figuring it out. It won’t really hurt in any way though, it just may look like a lot of text happening.

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake just made this, to me, hilarious video on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Topic: Hashtags! It’s funny and I definitely partially recognize bits of myself in there.

It’s funny – Enjoy!

‘What does the Fox say’ – going very viral

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you have heard the latest viral sensation – the Fox song – by Bård and Vegard Ylvisåker.

Oh, you say you HAVE actually been under a rock? OK, then you should stop reading right now and click HERE to watch the video. 


Anyways, since they started going way viral they have been receiving a LOT of attention. This is coming from other youtubers, from talk shows, from news channels etc etc. In Norway they have pretty much been in the news since they were at 600 000 views. As I write this they have over 49 million views on Youtube. The video was first published September 3rd.. that is only 20 days. Reflect on that for a second…

I am about to start a Viral Video study. I want to figure out what it is that makes some videos go full scale viral while other videos barely get views.

It will be a big study but I will take you along with me every step of the way.

So – today I just wanted to show you two recent cover versions of the Fox song. One is done by the news channel Fox, the other by Abercrombie & Fitch.

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Which one do you like better?

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