Day 7/90 – 90 Day Opportunity – Find those with similar goals, hang out, be successful!

Wow, I can’t believe it is day 7 already… Kinda scary how fast time passes sometimes.

I have had 7 days of making one video per day. It’s been good but also very challenging at times. Some days I know exactly what I want to tell you guys. Other days I have to dig deep to think of what you would find interesting or valuable. PLEASE if you have a preference on what direction you want me to take in these videos, topics etc, let me know.

I have also had 7 days of my new workout regime. I have a set of exercises I have to do each single day.. Same things, every day.. but some exercises I increase reps/sets per day, others I increase per week.. I already feel stuff happening so we’ll see how I will feel in 90 days! woooh

Anyways, I’m losing track here.. Topic of today is one that fascinates me… How your environment can affect your ability to reach your goals. How you should surround yourself with likeminded people who aim for the same accomplishments as yourself, and how by doing this you can be so much more successful! Get together, work together for the common goal and see how much smoother it gets.

I have to say that the world wide web has made this world so much smaller for me, and helped me connect with other likeminded people from all over the place! Through my blog, twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.. It makes it easier to connect and grow.

So, that’s all for today folks!


Day 4/90 – Video Opportunities – The Steps Towards Efficiency

Hi everyone,

Day 4 of 90!!  🙂

Today I talk about some steps you can take to become more efficient. I take you from the roots to the fruits.

These are steps I have been applying to my life for the past 7 months now and I have to say the results have been much better than I expected.

Enjoy and go be more efficient!


Day 3/90 – BIM OPPORTUNITY – For every obstacle there is a greater opportunity

This is my video number 3 in the 90 day challenge I am doing with BIM/EN. Newsflash of the day: I am not longer referring to this as the 90 day challenge. I now consider this an opportunity, not a challenge… You can put it in my personal growth pile.. 🙂

Seeing challenge as opportunities will always allow you to build from a disappointing result of any action.

You know what doesn’t work for you, but still can see the opportunity to find what does work for you.

Focus on your goals, never look down and you’re sure to reach the top.. and remember  – it is ONLY crowded at the bottom!

Day 2/90 – BIM Challenge – How to Crystallize Desire

Hey everybody,

Today marks day 2 of my 90 day challenge! Second video of my 90 videos in 90 days. Phew!

Today I’m going to give you three key steps to help you with your chief desire

If you saw my first video of the challenge, you know I am doing a physical challenge as well as the video challenge I do with everyone.

I will show you many things the next 88 days. I will strive to give you something of value with each video.

Watch my video above, then determine for yourself WHAT IS YOUR DESIRE. Maybe it is Making Money Online, maybe it is Working from Home, maybe it is becoming a better cook, maybe it is getting in shape or maybe it is personal development and improvement.

Whatever your desire may be, what I am talking about today is highly relevant.

Step 1: Crystallize your desire, what is your main goal!?

Step 2: Write down 10 steps that you can do that will help you fulfill your desire.

Step 3: Write down 5 things that you think could prevent you from reaching your goals, and say that you will do less of those 5 things or just stop doing them altogether.

THEN see what happens to your mindset and to your productivity, your focus and your future.

Would love some comments and feedback on this one!



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Day 17/30: 30/30/30 Challenge – Dropping by to share this extremely motivating video!

Happy Saturday, everyone! 🙂

Hope your weekend is fantastic. Hope your challenge is going great!

Wanted to quickly drop by to share this extremely motivating video I came across today. This guy, a veteran barely able to walk, went from obese and weak to super fit and running around. Very impressive.

Day 16/30: Words of Wisdom on a Friday Night

Hi friends,

I just wanted to share some words of wisdom from one of my mentors on this Friday night. Mentor David Sharpe out jet skiing. He worked hard, he struggled but he eventually came to a place in life where he managed to get going on making his dreams come true.

Listen to what he has to say and…


Day 15/30: 30/30/30 Challenge – rerun “DECISION: THE CATALYST FOR SUCCESS”

Dear Challenge-takers,

Today marks your half-way-there point in the 30/30/30 challenge. If you made it to day 15 I want to congratulate you with a job well done so far. I am sure you are starting to sense big changes coming. Remember, change your mind – change your life!

Your mind has SO MUCH to do with how the rest of your life works out for you.

There is NO WAY focusing on negative stuff will get you anywhere but somewhere with more negativity. It’s just how it works. I know it is hard, heck – I am still struggling some days myself with controlling my mind. It is always going to be a work in progress and it is always going to be tough days.

People around you may say you are silly for thinking you can “live in an imaginary world” and they may say “real life is not like that”. What are those? Typical symptoms of someone in need of some personal development.

Mental/personal development works and it is crucial for happy survival. I am living proof of this!

Anyways, not sure what the 30/30/30 challenge is you can see my video about it HERE. 

It is not too late to start today. You can jump on and start at day 1 whenever works for you. If there is one day you miss, you just start back up with day 1 the next day. Keep working! Don’t give up! We don’t like quitters!

Below is a rerun of an older blog post of mine. This is related to a chapter of the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill(if you are on my email newsletter list you have received a pdf file with this entire book as a gift already). Today’s chapter is number 9 about Decisions.


Let me hear your thoughts!

So I want to talk to you about DECISIONS and why it is so crucial for your success.

This blog post relates to chapter 9 from Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”. 

I just have to say it again: this book is one of the absolute best books I have ever accepted into my life!

I try to keep my posts short and I REALLY hope you actually went and got the book yourself by now. It will be absolutely worth it, and it is not an expensive purchase. Maybe you can even find it at the library for free(or email me/comment and I can send it to you via a pdf file)!

Hopefully you have been following along in my previous posts here and regardless if you have gotten “ALL IN” with the Big Idea Mastermind or not, you should definitely be able to start seeing the pieces of the puzzle coming together for you. I don’t care if you are an internet marketer or not.. I want to help you with your mindset regardless. If you are NOT noticing anything changing for you yet then you should go back to my first post about DESIRE and start over. Do the 6 steps I described. This can change your life!!

Procrastination – the opposite of DECISION.

In this chapter Napoleon Hill says millionaires make their decisions quickly and change their minds very rarely.

This is because they must be firm and direct in their goals,

 Those who failed to become rich often change their minds a lot and take forever to make a decision.  Is this YOU??

A lot of procrastinators say they need to have all the information ready before they can make a decision.

This will inevitably make you fail because by the time you make a decision someone else has probably beaten you to it.

If you think something’s a good idea you should definitely act on it!! 

Trust your gut reaction!

If you have a goal and your attempt to achieve it fails the first time around, check for what information you may have been missing before you decide to give up and change your goals altogether.

 It takes courage to make a decision and to stay with it

You will always have doubters so you and your mastermind group/partners must stay on the same page.

 Most people are unsatisfied with a certain part of their life and –

Misery Loves Company”! Unfortunately a lot of people will try to bring you down before they try to lift you up. This is why you should surround yourself with those who have the same goals as You!!!


In this chapter in the book they use of the declaration of independence as an example…

Napoleon Hill also talks about Henry Ford, we all know how well he did in the car business!  Just look around. Look at the success stories around  you both current and past ones. Tap into the knowledge that those stories left behind. You will see that the things mentioned in these posts and in this book will all be present at the real success stories.

You can definitely read this part on your own time.. Just know if you ever do change your decision it should be because of those who are in your Mastermind Group(your group of trusted people who supports your goals), if not your decision may not be sound.

And you NEED someone to bounce ideas off of.

What decisions have you made today?

Have you made a decision to make more money?

 Turn your greatest desire to its monetary equivalent!!!

 If you would like to work closely with me and be part of my Mastermind group, click THIS LINK and see how to go about it. 

PS. I do NOT accept negativity in my Mastermind group. You must be willing to cooperate, to develop your own mindset, to assist others as well as accepting assistance yourself. We can do this together! Positive, positive, positive!

As always I would LOVE to hear from you if you have any thoughts, comments or questions. Email me directly at ronald.majette(at)gmail(dot)com.



Miami Monday, NYC Tuesday – a great few days!

I have had the most incredible last 6 days. Went to Miami early Friday morning… Stayed until Monday night.. Then I went to NYC Tuesday and have had such a nice experience.

I live in Washington, DC but still I have only been to NYC once.. and it was for max 3 hours on a field trip. I have always wanted to go but didn’t have the funds to do so and also just didn’t seem to figure out a way to go about it. My mindset then and now is like night and day. I wish I had realized all this stuff sooner.

It all comes down to just taking action. Stop waiting for an event or for something special to happen for you to start living. Trust me, if you don’t do something about it yourself it will most likely not happen. Just get on it! Take some action. Move forward. Take steps towards it. Doesn’t matter if the steps are tiny in the beginning. Do whatever you can. Get out of the rut. Just DO SOMETHING and see how much easier it gets after a while.

I went touring in Manhattan with my lady today. We did the Top of The Rock(roof of Rockefeller Center), posed at Times Square, saw the Empire State Building, Central Park and all that good stuff. We even went to see the famous Carlo’s Bake Shop in Hoboken(from the TV-show Cake Boss). Yummy stuff.

I am so appreciative of the turn my life has taken. Went from dark to sunny in a heartbeat.. I may seem all happy go go to you now, but it wasn’t always like this!

For those of you doing my 30/30/30 challenge – I expect that you will start seeing this in your own life soon if you are able to keep up and take the proper steps.

Always want to hear from you!



NYC hangout


For my 30/30/30 Challenge: video for chapter 7 of “Think and Grow Rich”. This is another “old” video, but if you are following along in the book it is a great addition..

Today we talk about Organized Planning, which is Chapter 7 of Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich”.

Honestly this is a process you cannot run before you walk.

I would like to hear great stories about how this material has changed people’s lives; unfortunately you are likely to meet failure if you do not take the proper steps one at a time. A tree don’t start out full-grown it starts from a seeding.

Yes, I would love for you to be part of my team-

but more importantly I would like to change your life for the positive in any way I can. However I can’t help you unless you are not willing to take all the proper steps.

In saying that this should take you back to chapter 2 on Desire. One of the six steps stated is organizing a specific plan on how to accumulate your greatest desire, which if you are reading this… it’s probably too make more money, have a better job, live the life of your dreams etc!!!

  1. Ally your plan with one individual or a group of individuals who will help you carry out your plan.
  2. Before you pick people in your group see what you can offer them for working with you, you cannot get something for giving nothing!
  3. When you have found your mastermind group you should be in contact with it no less than twice a week.
  4. Make sure you and your team are all on the same positive vibration and mindset. If you are not on the same page you are doomed for failure. Make sure before decisions are made you discuss it with the group, no one in your mastermind group will work with you if they feel like they’re working for you it’s all about the team!
  5. Planning the sale of services. Organize what actions to take, when and how.

Take action with confidence and faith.

“The major attributes of leadership”

  1. Unwavering courage based on yourself and your understanding of your business.
  2. Self-control/anger/having a clear mind, if you are not under control others will not follow you.
  3. Always been fair with justice.
  4. Firm decision making.
  5. Great planning
  6. Doing more than you get paid for.
  7. Giving a great personality/respect
  8. Understanding of those all-around
  9. Mastery of detail
  10. Willingness to assume full responsibility
  11. Cooperation/effort

You cannot act before you think!!

Hopefully you can see where I’m going with this..

 First of all you should definitely click this link and join my team!!!

But if you already have your own business/plan these steps will definitely help you in your journey for your greatest desire regardless. Please just contact me directly if you want to discuss this specifically.

I’m looking for people who want to encourage and help other people

If you can’t say that you enjoy helping others today, I would suggest you go back to chapter 2 about Desire. Keep working on your own programming and take the proper steps towards success.

If I can help you to at least have a better mental state about life – my job is accomplished! But if you would like to make money and help others as well, I don’t know why you’re not already on the team.

As you can see I am very determined; but this is just the beginning! I know what is out there, and I know what is out there is GREAT!

If you go through these steps for the next 60 days I promise you, you will be a better person for it. And if you pass this information on I know you will help others around YOU TOO!!!

We have an organized plan and now so should you.

Click this link and learn more on how you can keep developing  yourself!!

I will see you on the other side and we will have much more to talk about.    You will be hearing from me soon take care until then.

Ps. I would always love to hear from you / thought, questions, comments… just bring it! ronald.majette(at)gmail(dot)com




A rerun for my 30/30/30 Challenge folks… topic of today relates to Chapter 6 from “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

Napoleon Hill-  Think and Grow Rich chapter 6

“Imagination: the workshop of the mind”

The best thing about imagination is it’s limits, they are exactly where YOU place them! As you learn about this topic, it would be a good time to practice thinking outside “your box”!!!

Napoleon talks about two forms of imagination in this chapter,

1 is Synthetic Imagination, 2 is Creative Imagination

Synthetic imagination: this is based on your experience, level of reasoning, and opinions/views of life.

This is the one that is most commonly used but also the most limited. This would not be considered thinking out-of-the-box.

Staying within your field or comfort zone, –is that You?

Most commonly used for the majority of people.

90 days ago – This was exactly the level where I was stuck at.

The creative mind: this is where the “imagination reaches infinite intelligence”.

This is where you can start to think about what will actually make you truly happy…. and start thinking about how to go about getting it!

YES, this is indeed thinking outside of the box!

Will making Money make you happy?

Will helping other people make you happy?

I know you probably said yes to both of these. If you did, I expect you to have taken some sort of action towards getting closer to your goal. To me this was committing to learning from those who where at where I wanted to be. The guys behind Empower Network and Big Idea Mastermind have helped guide me forward and given me so much new knowledge that I will be forever grateful to them. Check out what I am talking about yourself through this link.

It’s important to be inspired!

Something that will make you think out-of-the-box will allow you to touch into your creative imagination.

Any hurdles in here life are just there to make things much more rewarding as you have surpassed them.

If there’s one thing I would like you to take away from this chapter it’s:

Synthetic imagination


Creative imagination:

“Can both be strengthened”

just like a muscle can!!

What is weak today can be stronger tomorrow!

If that news is not encouraging you I don’t know what is…

As always, I would LOVE to hear from you! Get on my team and we will go towards the future together. Email me at ronald.majette(at)gmail(dot)com

I would love to hear from you!