Day 5/90 – 90 Day Opportunity – Anger, the disease we all carry the cure for

Wow, day five and my muscles are sore. Only 85 more days to go on this!

Topic of today is how to prevent anger from controlling your thoughts and your every day life. How important it is to not let yourself carry your frustrations with you through your day. In the end, you are the one who get hurt the most from carrying anger around.

Do you think that guy in traffic that cut you off in the morning rush hour really remembers your encounter all day? No, let it go and move on. Leave space in your mind for growth and positivity. Don’t let anger bury your mind. Don’t let your anger become your disease.

Day 6/30: 303030 Challenge: How to Start Your Day and Restart it Halfway Through

I decided to step away from my rerun of Think and Grow Rich blog posts today and just talk to you a little more on what this is all about.

I would love for you to also get the blog system and we can keep on working with our mindsets together and building our minds stronger.

The Empower Network blog system is only $25 and you  get SO much more than a blog… The best part of it to me is the 8 core commitments – high quality detailed success blueprints. SO worth your time!

Anyways, hope you like this! I will continue on my Think and Grow Rich reruns tomorrow. For those of you not sure what the 303030 Challenge is you can find it right HERE.