A Rerun: IMAGINATION – the stepping stone towards success

A rerun from my older blog:

Napoleon Hill-  Think and Grow Rich chapter 6

“Imagination: the workshop of the mind”

The best thing about imagination is it’s limits because they are exactly where you place them yourself. As you learn about this chapter, it would be a good time to practice thinking outside “your box”!!!

Napoleon talks about two forms of imagination in this chapter,

#1 is Synthetic Imagination, #2 is Creative Imagination

Synthetic imagination: this is basically based on your experience, level of reasoning, and opinions/views of life.

This is the one that is most commonly used but also the most limited. This would not be considered thinking out-of-the-box.

Staying within your field or comfort zone, –is that You?

Most commonly used for the majority of people.

90 days ago – This was exactly the level where I was stuck at.

The creative mind: this is where the “imagination reaches infinite intelligence”.

This is where you can start to think about what will actually make you truly happy…. and start thinking about how to go about getting it!

YES, this is indeed thinking outside of the box!

Will making more money make you happy?

Will helping other people make you happy?

I know you probably said yes to both of these. If you did, I expect you to have taken some sort of action towards getting closer to your goal. To me this was committing to learning from those who where at where I wanted to be. The guys behind Empower Network and Big Idea Mastermind have helped guide me forward and given me so much new knowledge that I will be forever grateful to them. Check out what I am talking about yourself through this link.

It’s important to be inspired!

Something that will make you think out-of-the-box will allow you to touch into your creative imagination.

Any hurdles here in life are just there to make things much more rewarding as you have surpassed them.

If there’s one thing I would like you to take away from this chapter it’s:

Synthetic imagination

Creative imagination

“Both can be strengthened”

– just like a muscle can!!

What is weak today can be stronger tomorrow!

If that news is not encouraging you I don’t know what is…

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Let’s just be efficient, people!

People complain there are not enough hours in the day… There are things we can do about that.

Being more efficient for starters…

Stressed out? Maybe this can help you!

Don’t waste your time worrying. Make goals, consistently walk towards them.

You will have a better day tomorrow.

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Reply to Comment on “Tolerating others but not being tolerated back”

Happy Friday!

I got a comment on one of my previous blog posts the other day where one of you experienced some difficulty getting the responses you were expecting from tolerating others. I thought this was a very good example to talk about in its own video as I think a lot of people may hit this “road block” once a while when reprogramming your mind.

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The Golden Rule – Why you should just get on it!

Treat others the way you would like to be treated. See others the way you would like to be seen yourself.

With this we can end any great negative trend.

I even think world peace is possible if we all do our parts internally.

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Tolerate and be tolerated – notice how much nicer the world becomes

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Failure: is it Fact or Fiction


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A way to be able to make your own decisions in the workplace.

A way to actually make your own workplace to start with.

A way to spend less time doing the work but a way to make more of the money.

A way to get to the lifestyle you have always wanted.

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