Are you ready for the next level? Cause THAT’s where we are going! Hold on!(Day 36/90)

I have so much to share with you from what I’ve learnt this weekend. I just got back home to DC now.. I’m sleep-deprived and physically exhausted but my excitement and motivation is on overdrive so I can’t really tell that well.

Please look out for my updates this week. I am planning to share with you some stuff from this weekend that could make or break your business. It’s SO GOOD.  If you’re in Empower Network or Big Idea Mastermind – MAKE SURE YOU GO TO THE NEXT EVENT! The transformation you go through is nuts.

P.S the next Empower Network event will be in Washington Dc, October 18th -20th. That’s my city! Come, I will take care of you!

Oh, and we’ll be seeing a super cool Empower Network blog update soon… Super cool. Revolutionary.

So stay tuned!

Day 34/90 – Just landed in Denver – ready for an epic weekend!

Hi friends,

I gotta make this super quick.. Pretty much just got to the hotel in Denver, Colorado. Doing my workout of the day(cause you know, I have a 90 day workout challenge in addition to the video part). Then my lady and I are going to go register for the biggest event of this quarter – the Empower Network “Don’t Be A Wussy” event! Yeah!!

Lot’s of cool stuff is going on here this weekend with an amazing number of about 6000 happy and dedicated internet marketers. We are here to learn, develop, expand and network.

Don’t worry if you’re not here – I will keep you posted with videos and other updates.

Check my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as updates will be all around!