Day 30/90 – When failure is seen only as a necessary learning experience towards achieving success

Today marks the day that I am 1/3 along the way of doing my 90 day video opportunity. It feels great to actually decide to do something for 30 days straight and then actually get it done. I feel so accomplished and I notice how I am learning as I go along. It is so much easier now than what it was in the beginning! I challenge YOU to do a similar thing. It doesn’t ┬áhave to be making videos.. maybe it can be writing a blog post per day.. Maybe it can be reading a book for at least 30 min per day. Maybe it can be doing 15 pushups each day.. maybe it can be learning a new thing each day.. Do your own thing. Whatever you want to improve at: decide a step you can take in that direction every day for at least 30 days(or even better, for 90 days). You can start tonight!

If you are doing or have done a time-based challenge like this I would love to hear what you did in the comments below!

My message today is that you should never give up. Don’t let mistakes discourage you. Roadblocks are what you learn from and what you learn from is what will help you become successful in the end. Don’t let a bad experience stop you – see your scars as trophies. Trophies showing what you have learnt for the future. That is how you can see your journey of growth.