Day 13/90 – 90 Day Opportunity – Noticing the improvement: Here’s how you can do the same

Day 13/90!

I am telling you this “challenge”/opportunity is doing wonders for me! Only at day 13 I feel so much better.. both in terms of confidence to make my videos but also especially on the fitness part of it. As you know I am doing a certain set of exercises each day as well My goal is to show you that I can do 50 pull ups in my Day 90- video!!! lol

Topic of my blog today is about the results of taking action. I know I have talked about this a ton of times already, but honestly it never gets old. Where do you think you are going to be in life if you don’t take action?

It’s also interesting to see the chain reactions of this challenge. I was discussing this with my lady the other day(she is also doing the fitness part of the 90 day opportunity). Our personal “challenge” was for me to do the videos, but for us both to cut down alcohol and to do a set of exercises per day. There were no food restrictions. Just a minimum of workouts and a maximum on alcohol. Well, after 13 days we are seeing added benefits of not really wanting to eat bad food anymore.. the candy is less appealing.. the urge is just not there the same way it may have used to be before. And that is kinda cool! It is just an added side effect to the fitness challenge!

NB! I am actually switching out my gummy bears(yeah I love those things) with fruit now. Fruit is the new gummies! lol

So, take action.. start small if you have to, do something every day to work towards your goals. See how much closer you will get after only 13 – 15- 20 days.. see how other things in life is also starting to fall into place as you go along.

It’s awesome.

Have a great Friday night!


Day 4/90 – Video Opportunities – The Steps Towards Efficiency

Hi everyone,

Day 4 of 90!!  🙂

Today I talk about some steps you can take to become more efficient. I take you from the roots to the fruits.

These are steps I have been applying to my life for the past 7 months now and I have to say the results have been much better than I expected.

Enjoy and go be more efficient!


Day 3/90 – BIM OPPORTUNITY – For every obstacle there is a greater opportunity

This is my video number 3 in the 90 day challenge I am doing with BIM/EN. Newsflash of the day: I am not longer referring to this as the 90 day challenge. I now consider this an opportunity, not a challenge… You can put it in my personal growth pile.. 🙂

Seeing challenge as opportunities will always allow you to build from a disappointing result of any action.

You know what doesn’t work for you, but still can see the opportunity to find what does work for you.

Focus on your goals, never look down and you’re sure to reach the top.. and remember  – it is ONLY crowded at the bottom!

Day 2/90 – BIM Challenge – How to Crystallize Desire

Hey everybody,

Today marks day 2 of my 90 day challenge! Second video of my 90 videos in 90 days. Phew!

Today I’m going to give you three key steps to help you with your chief desire

If you saw my first video of the challenge, you know I am doing a physical challenge as well as the video challenge I do with everyone.

I will show you many things the next 88 days. I will strive to give you something of value with each video.

Watch my video above, then determine for yourself WHAT IS YOUR DESIRE. Maybe it is Making Money Online, maybe it is Working from Home, maybe it is becoming a better cook, maybe it is getting in shape or maybe it is personal development and improvement.

Whatever your desire may be, what I am talking about today is highly relevant.

Step 1: Crystallize your desire, what is your main goal!?

Step 2: Write down 10 steps that you can do that will help you fulfill your desire.

Step 3: Write down 5 things that you think could prevent you from reaching your goals, and say that you will do less of those 5 things or just stop doing them altogether.

THEN see what happens to your mindset and to your productivity, your focus and your future.

Would love some comments and feedback on this one!



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