I’ve been doing something for 86 days straight! Learn how 1 hour per day can change your life!

Phew.. Day 86! I have been doing something for 86 days straight. The goal is 90 days and it is OH so close right now I can taste it!

Anyways, the topic of my video today is how one hour per day can change your life. One hour!!! Interested?

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Day 15/30: 30/30/30 Challenge – rerun “DECISION: THE CATALYST FOR SUCCESS”

Dear Challenge-takers,

Today marks your half-way-there point in the 30/30/30 challenge. If you made it to day 15 I want to congratulate you with a job well done so far. I am sure you are starting to sense big changes coming. Remember, change your mind – change your life!

Your mind has SO MUCH to do with how the rest of your life works out for you.

There is NO WAY focusing on negative stuff will get you anywhere but somewhere with more negativity. It’s just how it works. I know it is hard, heck – I am still struggling some days myself with controlling my mind. It is always going to be a work in progress and it is always going to be tough days.

People around you may say you are silly for thinking you can “live in an imaginary world” and they may say “real life is not like that”. What are those? Typical symptoms of someone in need of some personal development.

Mental/personal development works and it is crucial for happy survival. I am living proof of this!

Anyways, not sure what the 30/30/30 challenge is you can see my video about it HERE. 

It is not too late to start today. You can jump on and start at day 1 whenever works for you. If there is one day you miss, you just start back up with day 1 the next day. Keep working! Don’t give up! We don’t like quitters!

Below is a rerun of an older blog post of mine. This is related to a chapter of the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill(if you are on my email newsletter list you have received a pdf file with this entire book as a gift already). Today’s chapter is number 9 about Decisions.


Let me hear your thoughts!

So I want to talk to you about DECISIONS and why it is so crucial for your success.

This blog post relates to chapter 9 from Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”.¬†

I just have to say it again: this book is one of the absolute best books I have ever accepted into my life!

I try to keep my posts short and I REALLY hope you actually went and got the book yourself by now. It will be absolutely worth it, and it is not an expensive purchase. Maybe you can even find it at the library for free(or email me/comment and I can send it to you via a pdf file)!

Hopefully you have been following along in my previous posts here and regardless if you have gotten “ALL IN” with the Big Idea Mastermind or not, you should definitely be able to start seeing the pieces of the puzzle coming together for you. I don’t care if you are an internet marketer or not.. I want to help you with your mindset regardless. If you are NOT noticing anything changing for you yet then you should go back to my first post about DESIRE and start over. Do the 6 steps I described.¬†This can change your life!!

Procrastination – the opposite of DECISION.

In this chapter Napoleon Hill says millionaires make their decisions quickly and change their minds very rarely.

This is because they must be firm and direct in their goals,

 Those who failed to become rich often change their minds a lot and take forever to make a decision.  Is this YOU??

A lot of procrastinators say they need to have all the information ready before they can make a decision.

This will inevitably make you fail because by the time you make a decision someone else has probably beaten you to it.

If you think something’s a good idea you should definitely act on it!! 

Trust your gut reaction!

If you have a goal and your attempt to achieve it fails the first time around, check for what information you may have been missing before you decide to give up and change your goals altogether.

 It takes courage to make a decision and to stay with it. 

You will always have doubters so you and your mastermind group/partners must stay on the same page.

¬†Most people¬†are unsatisfied with a certain part of their life and –

Misery Loves Company”!¬†Unfortunately a lot of people will try to bring you down before they try to lift you up. This is why you should surround yourself with¬†those who have the same goals as You!!!


In this chapter in the book they use¬†of the declaration of independence¬†as an example…

Napoleon Hill also talks about Henry Ford, we all know how well he did in the car business!  Just look around. Look at the success stories around  you both current and past ones. Tap into the knowledge that those stories left behind. You will see that the things mentioned in these posts and in this book will all be present at the real success stories.

You can definitely read this part on your own time.. Just know if you ever do change your decision it should be because of those who are in your Mastermind Group(your group of trusted people who supports your goals), if not your decision may not be sound.

And you NEED someone to bounce ideas off of.

What decisions have you made today?

Have you made a decision to make more money?

 Turn your greatest desire to its monetary equivalent!!!

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PS. I do NOT accept negativity in my Mastermind group. You must be willing to cooperate, to develop your own mindset, to assist others as well as accepting assistance yourself. We can do this together! Positive, positive, positive!

As always I would LOVE to hear from you if you have any thoughts, comments or questions. Email me directly at ronald.majette(at)gmail(dot)com.