Monday Laughs: Top 6 Baby Laughing Videos on Youtube(in my opinion)


It’s Monday. I know all of you out there are not necessarily doing my mental development challenge of 30 days(if you want to check it out its RIGHT HERE), I also know that even though you are actually doing the challenge you may still experience a tough Monday here and there.

I know that if you actually LAUGH even though you may not feel like it, but just force yourself to smile and make laughing sounds, it is very hard to stay sad/angry/frustrated…

With that in mind I wanted to share some, in my opinion, hilarious baby laughing videos from YouTube. Here are my top 6 favorites in random order:

 This Baby thinks Ripping Paper into Pieces is the Funniest Thing on Earth!

Bing, Ding – This Baby is Cracking Up Laughing

This Baby Can’t Decide if Mommy Blowing Her Nose is Funny or Scary

A Classic: Charlie Bites his Brother’s Finger

What’s Funnier than a Baby Laughing? Four Babies Laughing all at once 

This Little Girl Thinks Dog Eating Popcorn is the Funniest Thing in the World

Hahaha! I hope this put a smile on your face!

Keep rocking that Monday! 🙂