This one is dedicated to those coming back to school(Big Idea Mastermind)

I hope you’ve all enjoyed your weekend! I have had my hands full enjoying the beautiful DC weather AND moving and re-organizing a bunch of stuff.

Went to Target today to get some office supplies and WOAH.. Tons and tons for kids coming back to school and shopping for their new houses/apartments etc. Made it a rough shopping trip just cause of crowds, but it made me inspired to make the video of today.

My topic is the importance of setting goals and laying the ground work for that you want to be rewarded later. Especially for those of you about to start up on a new year at school – start SMART! Set your goals and make sure you keep your eye on the prize ever day until graduation.. Trust me, you’ll be rewarded 😉


Buying a house with Creative Imagination (Big Idea Mastermind Day 62/90)

When house hunting you must have a vision, an ability to see how the house can turn out after you put your personal touch on it. You have to see yourself living in the area, see yourself settling in for the night in that house. See yourself relaxing on the front porch..

Don’t see it as how it looks today… See it as how it can become when you are persistent with your efforts in making it your HOME.

I am talking about this partially because it has been on my mind all day(since I’m house hunting myself at the moment), but also because the message here translates into every other aspect of your life when you are trying to achieve something.
Have a vision and keep it clear – it will make it that much easier to work towards it and fulfilling the dreams of what it can be in the end.


Day 20/90 – 90 Day Opportunity – Why be consistent?

Day 20!

I’ve been doing my workouts and my videos now for 20 days. Some days have been like a breeze, some days have been a huge hassle. What I’ve learnt is that as long as I am able to be consistent with my goals, as long as I do that thing each day that I set out to do, it only gets better and better. Doesn’t mean there are not still days that are difficult, it just means I can see the improvement happening. That’s motivation!

So remember, some days may be rough.. some days may be really hard! But find that strength and motivation in you to push through with your necessary action and you will be thrilled as you notice the progress come along.

Happy Friday!