I just got through 90 DAYS of this! Phew!

Man, I just finished 90 straight days of making one video for you daily.

90 days! every single day. No excuse.

Some days were harder than orders. Some days I had NO CLUE what to talk about.

When I first started out, 90 days seemed like a million miles away.. No I am on it!

Thanks for following me along. I may take a day break but trust me, there is more to come!

I gotta go now. Going out in DC to celebrate! 😀

Happy Saturday!


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Don’t forget to have some fun too – Like we did at the ROC Race today!(Day 56/90)

Guys… I know I am ALWAYS talking to you about how you have to work on yourself and your mindset, to improve and become a better person for yourself and your loved ones.. Well, today I decided to tell you something new. JUST HAVE SOME FUN! 😀

Yes, I’m serious! Sometimes, when you have been working hard for a while, you absolutely deserve to let loose and just have some fun.

I went with a group of friends today to do the ridiculous ROC Race here at RFK Stadium in Washington DC. Took us about 2 hours I think to complete the 5K run, but this was mostly due to lines and obstacles. Luckily we got water throughout the race(it was a HOT day in DC) and we got hosed down with water canons when we got too hot and sticky.

All in all – a GREAT day with lots of FUN!

Hope you had a great Saturday as well!


Day 22/90 – Quality over Quantity – always give more value than needed

Day 22,

Took a walk down to Eastern Market today. This is DCs oldest fresh market and has been around for over 140 years now. They have handmade arts and crafts, jewelry, clothes, baked goods, fresh fruit and vegetables, soaps, fresh beef, poultry, fish, pork… you name it, they’ve got it.

I think the main reason this market is so successful is because they provide value… consistent value and quality. The farmers that bring their potatoes here grew their them with love. They have built up a reputation of quality products and that is why they keep bringing loads of people to their market every day.

This triggered my topic of today. The value of quality work and effort is priceless. Whatever your passion is – put in your best efforts, do your best and even though you may not see the response or the cash flow in right away, know that it will come in due time.

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Eastern Market DC Quality over Quantity

A Photo my Girlfriend was Embarrassed to take/Teamwork

the photo my girlfriend was embarrassed to take www.journeysofgrowth.com


Haha, I know… Why would she be embarrassed by that photo, right?

Well, if you know my girlfriend you also know that she LOVES to follow rules. If there is any sign saying that something is not allowed to do, if there is anything you may even remotely think that you are not supposed to do – she will NOT do it. I have a big struggle making her cross the street on a stop sign even though there are no cars in sight. Rules are rules, she says.

The other day we were biking around town and not only did I have to leave her in a couple of intersections because she said she was “considered a car” when she was on the bike(so she follows car rules), but she was visibly worried when I decided to go climb this statue somewhere on the mall. “This is probably not allowed, ” she said and snapped a few photos as quickly as she could.. lol

She is the BEST though! 🙂

Anyways, I wanted to share this photo with you today as I felt like it’s a good image of Big Idea Mastermind. How the members of this network will work their asses off to help each other “crack the code” and figure out how each individual can find their place in the internet marketing business. To help find ways for everyone to live the comfortable, flexible life most people only dream of.

It’s not as hard as it may look from this photo though… we have a FANTASTIC team of experienced as well as newbie marketers. Everyone joining is welcomed with open arms. We are all willing to help bring the new people up and towards their deserved success. Doesn’t matter what level you are when you get into the network, we take you from where you are and we help elevate you as a TEAM.

We’re also a happy bunch for the most part. Personal development is a big part of Big Idea Mastermind. We are not your regular internet marketers. We believe that to change your life you have to start with changing your mindset. The mind is a wicked powerful thing! You can literally THINK yourself broke and you can THINK yourself RICH.

Does that mean that Big Idea Mastermind is some bogus thing where everyone sits around just thinking very positive thoughts really hard hoping that it will do some magic and make money appear from thin air? Lol, no. But we believe good can only bring good along. We believe there is no point spending time worrying, being frustrated, being concerned, being scared, being angry… It will lead you NOWHERE. Those emotions will only prohibit you from focusing on your goal and on what you need to do to make your dreams become reality. This is also why a lot of my blog talks about personal development. I know it 100 % changed my life when I joined these guys about 6-7 months ago and started working on my mindset.

Now, the world is my oyster! Anything is possible for me. I though I was stuck where I was, working for someone else at minimum pay. Absolutely no flexibility in my day whatsoever. Max 2 weeks vacation per year. I thought that was pretty much it for me. I was bitter and angry.

No more!

I am reaching for the stars! No, I am reaching for another galaxy far far away. I’m going to make it! I AM making it. Because I believe I can.

It’s as simple as that.


Day 8/90 – 90 Day Opportunity – Don’t Be a Shell of Yourself

Went on a run this morning and it was the longest run I’ve done for at least the last 2 years! I used to be in a bad spot.. At some point I even smoked a pack of cigarettes per day. Since I started working on my mindset and my personal growth, things have changed.

Life feels brighter and happier for each day!

Topic of today relates to this and how I want you to NOT be a shell of yourself(like that cool sculpture we found at the Hirshorn Sculpture Garden). We were just walking by and spotted it, felt like it would be a good image to put up for the topic of the day(plus I was dying from my run and needed a break!)

Work on yourself, expand yourself and make sure you utilize all you can of your abilities.

It feels AWESOME.

Have a great Sunday evening!