Day 20/90 – 90 Day Opportunity – Why be consistent?

Day 20!

I’ve been doing my workouts and my videos now for 20 days. Some days have been like a breeze, some days have been a huge hassle. What I’ve learnt is that as long as I am able to be consistent with my goals, as long as I do that thing each day that I set out to do, it only gets better and better. Doesn’t mean there are not still days that are difficult, it just means I can see the improvement happening. That’s motivation!

So remember, some days may be rough.. some days may be really hard! But find that strength and motivation in you to push through with your necessary action and you will be thrilled as you notice the progress come along.

Happy Friday!


Day 2/90 – BIM Challenge – How to Crystallize Desire

Hey everybody,

Today marks day 2 of my 90 day challenge! Second video of my 90 videos in 90 days. Phew!

Today Iā€™m going to give you three key steps to help you with your chief desire

If you saw my first video of the challenge, you know I am doing a physical challenge as well as the video challenge I do with everyone.

I will show you many things the next 88 days. I will strive to give you something of value with each video.

Watch my video above, then determine for yourself WHAT IS YOUR DESIRE. Maybe it is Making Money Online, maybe it is Working from Home, maybe it is becoming a better cook, maybe it is getting in shape or maybe it is personal development and improvement.

Whatever your desire may be, what I am talking about today is highly relevant.

Step 1: Crystallize your desire, what is your main goal!?

Step 2: Write down 10 steps that you can do that will help you fulfill your desire.

Step 3: Write down 5 things that you think could prevent you from reaching your goals, and say that you will do less of those 5 things or just stop doing them altogether.

THEN see what happens to your mindset and to your productivity, your focus and your future.

Would love some comments and feedback on this one!



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Day 17/30: 30/30/30 Challenge – Dropping by to share this extremely motivating video!

Happy Saturday, everyone! šŸ™‚

Hope your weekend is fantastic. Hope your challenge is going great!

Wanted to quickly drop by to share this extremely motivating video I came across today. This guy, a veteran barely able to walk, went from obese and weak to super fit and running around. Very impressive.