You ARE your closest friends….(day 53/90)

I saw a commercial once saying “you are what you eat”. It was a commercial for a healthy food option and it stuck with me for a long time. Now I am telling you that “you are your friends”. What does that mean?



Reply to Comment on “Tolerating others but not being tolerated back”

Happy Friday!

I got a comment on one of my previous blog posts the other day where one of you experienced some difficulty getting the responses you were expecting from tolerating others. I thought this was a very good example to talk about in its own video as I think a lot of people may hit this “road block” once a while when reprogramming your mind.

I would love to hear back if this makes sense to you who commented – does it answer your concern in a way? Anyone else out there with thoughts on this subject, please let me know.

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The Golden Rule – Why you should just get on it!

Treat others the way you would like to be treated. See others the way you would like to be seen yourself.

With this we can end any great negative trend.

I even think world peace is possible if we all do our parts internally.

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