Don’t forget to have some fun too – Like we did at the ROC Race today!(Day 56/90)

Guys… I know I am ALWAYS talking to you about how you have to work on yourself and your mindset, to improve and become a better person for yourself and your loved ones.. Well, today I decided to tell you something new. JUST HAVE SOME FUN! 😀

Yes, I’m serious! Sometimes, when you have been working hard for a while, you absolutely deserve to let loose and just have some fun.

I went with a group of friends today to do the ridiculous ROC Race here at RFK Stadium in Washington DC. Took us about 2 hours I think to complete the 5K run, but this was mostly due to lines and obstacles. Luckily we got water throughout the race(it was a HOT day in DC) and we got hosed down with water canons when we got too hot and sticky.

All in all – a GREAT day with lots of FUN!

Hope you had a great Saturday as well!


Day 8/90 – 90 Day Opportunity – Don’t Be a Shell of Yourself

Went on a run this morning and it was the longest run I’ve done for at least the last 2 years! I used to be in a bad spot.. At some point I even smoked a pack of cigarettes per day. Since I started working on my mindset and my personal growth, things have changed.

Life feels brighter and happier for each day!

Topic of today relates to this and how I want you to NOT be a shell of yourself(like that cool sculpture we found at the Hirshorn Sculpture Garden). We were just walking by and spotted it, felt like it would be a good image to put up for the topic of the day(plus I was dying from my run and needed a break!)

Work on yourself, expand yourself and make sure you utilize all you can of your abilities.

It feels AWESOME.

Have a great Sunday evening!