Don’t let yourself get buried in work! (day 63/90)

Just had a great Saturday! Got some work done on my car, had a barbecue with new friends from the ROC race from last weekend and have been learning things from people with totally different lifestyle than myself.

I know a lot of you just started out with internet marketing and you may be spending a lot of time inside on your computers to get started. I think that is absolutely great, but I don’t want to encourage that you isolate yourself from anyone but the computer. Don’t forget to get out of the house and meet new people. If you want to be successful with your internet marketing business, I believe it’s crucial that you keep getting new impulses. Keep listening to others. Register what is going on around you and see how you can learn from it and/or use it in your own work. It’s all about your Journeys of Growth.

Don’t forget to have some fun too – Like we did at the ROC Race today!(Day 56/90)

Guys… I know I am ALWAYS talking to you about how you have to work on yourself and your mindset, to improve and become a better person for yourself and your loved ones.. Well, today I decided to tell you something new. JUST HAVE SOME FUN! 😀

Yes, I’m serious! Sometimes, when you have been working hard for a while, you absolutely deserve to let loose and just have some fun.

I went with a group of friends today to do the ridiculous ROC Race here at RFK Stadium in Washington DC. Took us about 2 hours I think to complete the 5K run, but this was mostly due to lines and obstacles. Luckily we got water throughout the race(it was a HOT day in DC) and we got hosed down with water canons when we got too hot and sticky.

All in all – a GREAT day with lots of FUN!

Hope you had a great Saturday as well!


Day 28/90 – Why you shouldn’t take your eyes off the price

Day 28 –

What better way to spend your Saturday than to go to meeting after meeting after meeting?! Lol.. no, just kidding – I actually did it because I wanted to. It’s part of my plan. I am buying a house!

My topic today is mainly how you should keep your eyes on the price. Whatever your goal is, don’t give up. You will only fail if you actually give up. I tried to buy a house three years ago but it slipped… I almost gave it all up but now I am back on track and house hunting.

Hope you are all enjoying your Saturday!