BIG IDEA MASTERMIND – the REAL stories behind the program and the people in it

We had an amazing hangout last night with a panel of participants filled with top earners in Big Idea Mastermind. If you ever doubted that it is possible to make money online.. If you ever doubted that Vick Strizheus knows what he’s talking about… Take 5+ minutes and check this video out.

Miles Segers, Kappa Kaoma, Paulo Barroso, Tony Banawa,
Stephen Munson, Vick Strizheus, Eric, Candace and Audrey – all of them sharing their stories and advice on how YOU can make it online.

Check it out! 🙂


Cool, right?

Join us HERE and you can be on the next hangout with me 🙂


This one is dedicated to those coming back to school(Big Idea Mastermind)

I hope you’ve all enjoyed your weekend! I have had my hands full enjoying the beautiful DC weather AND moving and re-organizing a bunch of stuff.

Went to Target today to get some office supplies and WOAH.. Tons and tons for kids coming back to school and shopping for their new houses/apartments etc. Made it a rough shopping trip just cause of crowds, but it made me inspired to make the video of today.

My topic is the importance of setting goals and laying the ground work for that you want to be rewarded later. Especially for those of you about to start up on a new year at school – start SMART! Set your goals and make sure you keep your eye on the prize ever day until graduation.. Trust me, you’ll be rewarded 😉


Be thankful – another key towards success(day 64/90)

I hope that you have had a great weekend, wherever you are and whatever you did. I hope you got some fun in and some productivity in!

Personally my weekend was more than I could have asked. I am at my video number 64 out of 90(video challenge) now but the topic I give you today could just as well have been the first one. Giving thanks. You should give thanks as you wake up and as you go to sleep. Some of us may feel they have more to appreciate and some may think they have less… No matter what your situation is, there is always SOMETHING you can be grateful for. I just want you to realize that and appreciate that.

That’s all for today! Have a great Sunday evening!


So, how much TV is too much TV?(Day59/90)

How much TV do you really watch per day? Per week? Per Year???

Try to estimate your daily TV-time, then multiply it with 365… Turns out to a WHOLE lotta time, doesn’t it?

What if I told you that you can cut some of that time down and actually accomplish something?


Did you know your words and thoughts have physical power?(Will Smith – inspirational)

Came across this video of Will Smith in the morning. It’s filled with important lessons that I believe we can all relate to. Take a look and see for yourself!


You ARE your closest friends….(day 53/90)

I saw a commercial once saying “you are what you eat”. It was a commercial for a healthy food option and it stuck with me for a long time. Now I am telling you that “you are your friends”. What does that mean?



From Begging Others to Leading the Free World (Day 52/90)